A message from the Director

corineGrowing up with parents who taught me to respect nature made me see that it was my calling to teach children (and adults) the importance of caring for our environment and the importance of caring for animals too.

I have worked with wildlife rescue groups for more than 30 years.  I rescue reptiles, parrots, mammals, and have rehabilitated injured hawks, owls, eagles, vultures and more.  I have also become a Master Falconer during this adventure.

My job here as director is very exciting.  Not a day goes by that we don’t inspire a child or adult to appreciate animals and the great outdoors through our educational programs.

Visit the Carrie Murray Nature Center and learn what we love to teach.

Corinne Parks, Director
with Zool, the Eurasian Eagle Owl.

2 thoughts on “A message from the Director”

  1. I’d like to help out and volunteer if you need anyone. Also I’d like to have my children also learn and respect nature and it’s wonderful animals, if there is a chance if they can help out and volunteer with me and also learn that would be great.

    Thank you,
    Jason Schur

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