Educator Program Descriptions

Bring your student group to Carrie Murray Nature Center for a special program.

The details and registration details are available here.

Rainforest Rescue

1st grade to adult
1 hour/inside

Believe it or not, what happens to the rainforests affects all of us.This class teaches about the importance of these wild places and lets you meet many rainforest inhabitants up close:tegus, tarantulas, parrots, skinks, geckos, large snakes and more!Finish your program with a visit to our new Rainforest Room!

Who polluted the Potomac?

2nd grade to adult
1 hour/inside

This class covers many aspects of water pollution: what happens to litter (as well as pesticides, fertilizers, oil, gasoline, and other pollutants), who and what pollution affects, what we can do about it and what we cannot. This program is interactive, informative, and a very effective. It does include pictures of animals affected by pollution, the Pacific Garbage Float, and polluted bodies of water all over the world. The program concludes with a story and activity followed by a question and answer session. This is one of our most important and attitude transforming classes. Students learn the true impact of littering and pollution on wildlife and themselves.

Explore Your Park

3rd through 6th grade
2 hours/outside

After a brief introduction to wildlife habitats, students role-play animals in the park and experience the trials of finding survival needs, human impact on species, competition for food and water, and how a watershed works. This hike also covers some of the parks past and explores historical ruins. It is a great introduction to exploring the outdoors. Because of the nature of this program, there is a maximum of 40 children permitted. (Teachers must choose 2 alternate programs in case of extreme heat, cold, or rain.)

Bee Informed

2nd grade to adult
1 hour/in or outside

Students will learn about Pollinator Syndromes, gardening for pollinators, what animals are pollinators, and the fragile link between pollinators and the food chain.

The Great Bug Hunt

all ages
1 hour/in or outside

This program explores the impact that insects have on our world. Students will explore the metamorphosis and anatomy of many indigenous and exotic insects. This program, which can be geared toward different age groups, also highlights the benefits insects have on our environment and is usually concluded with a hike.In addition, insect cooking and eating can be added upon request.

Cold-Blooded Clues

all ages
1 hour/inside

This class introduces students to the fascinating world of reptiles. Live turtles, snakes, and lizards will be available for an up-close and personal look at these interesting creatures.

Critter Studies

all ages
1 hour/inside

Carrie Murray is home to a variety of exotic and domestic animals. Students are able to come face to face with them in this interactive program. Learn the characteristics and adaptations of birds, reptiles, and mammals. This program can be concluded with a hike.

Edible Landscape

4th grade through adult
1 hour/outside

If Native Americans survived in the wild without a supermarket, where did their food come from? A knowledgeable naturalist will guide you through the woods in search of edible plants, and maybe even make a snack for your class! Let us know if you would like to indulge in some native chow when registering for this class. Please specify also if you would like us to incorporate a Native American theme into this program.

Five Senses Hike

pre-K through adult
1 hour/outside

An interactive hike allows students to become aware of their environment using their eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and hands. This program is recommended for spring and fall, but it can be done year-round and geared toward any age group.

From the Stream to the Bay

3rd grade to adult
2 hours/in and outside

This watershed program coincides with the Baltimore City school system’s curriculum. This class begins at the Nature Center with a winding hike through the woods to Winans Meadow. After water studies, the program concludes with a hike back to the Center. Students will learn the importance of both natural and man-made features in a watershed.

Hug a Bug

pre-K through 2nd grade
1 hour/in or outside

Have you ever wondered how an insect is different from a spider? Or how large a hissing cockroach can get? Come get a hands-on experience with our live insect collection! Our naturalist/Entomologist will explain everything you ever wanted to know about bugs! This program can be concluded with a hike.

I Don’t Like Spiders and Snakes

all ages
1 hour/inside

Why is everyone afraid of these interesting and helpful creatures? This program helps to discredit common misconceptions about these fascinating animals. Students will learn why these creatures are so beneficial to our environment. Live and preserved specimens are used. This is one of our most popular classes!

Real Birds Eat Meat

K to adult
1 hour/inside

Birds of prey are the main focus at the Carrie Murray Nature Center. The Center is home to owls, hawks, a vulture, a raven, and even the national bird—a bald eagle! This program allows students to get up close and personal with our raptors and even dissect owl pellets. They will leave with a better appreciation of how these majestic birds positively affect the environment.

Recycle Everything!

3rd grade to adult
1 hour/inside

During this important program children will learn why everyone should recycle.Topics covered will include:how much garbage a person creates in a year, alternative ways of recycling, composting and using rain barrels.

Build a Program

The Nature Center can customize programs for a variety of groups. We can accommodate scout groups, junior naturalists, church groups, Eagle Scout projects, and 4-H participants with programs to earn badges and accreditations required for those organizations. We can accommodate just about any group of nearly any age, including special needs groups and home-school programs.Carrie Murray can adapt any current program or even create a program to fit your groups’ needs.In the past, we have created programs that include water and stream studies, recycling, games, and language arts.When scheduling your program, please let us know if you have particular curriculum requirements.