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Real Birds Eat Meat

Birds of prey are our specialty at Carrie Murray Nature Center. The Center is home to owls, hawks, eagles, vultures, ravens, and more! This program allows an up close and personal look at our injured or orphaned, non-releasable raptors. Participants will leave with a better appreciation of how these majestic birds positively affect the environment and what people can do to help keep them safe.

Cold Blooded Clues

Carrie Murray Nature Center is home to a variety of reptiles. This program allows an up close and personal look at some of our resident reptiles and their close relatives. Why do some lizards make great pets and some DON’T? Which ones can you find in Maryland? This program will answer these questions and more!

Critter Studies

Carrie Murray is home to a variety of exotic and domestic animals. Students are able to come face to face with them in this interactive program. Learn the characteristics and adaptations of birds, reptiles, and mammals.

Rain Forest Rescue

rainforestBelieve it or not, what happens to the rain forests affects all of us. This class teaches about the importance of these wild places and lets you meet many rainforest inhabitants up close: tegus, tarantulas, skinks, geckos, large snakes and more!

Build a Program

The Nature Center can customize programs for a variety of groups. We can accommodate just about any group of nearly any age, including special needs groups and home-school programs. Carrie Murray can adapt any current program or even create a program to fit your groups’ needs. In the past, we have created programs that include water and stream studies, recycling, composting, art programs, and numerous programs to fulfill school curriculum requirements. When scheduling your program, please let us know how we can accommodate your needs!

Policies and Procedures:

Carrie Murray Nature Center offers educational programming year-round.
After receiving your completed reservation form, we will reserve your program date and time and send you confirmation. The total is due the day of your program.

All of our programs start no earlier than 11:00am. If there is a problem with available times, we are happy to work with you and your schedule.

Due to the nature of our programs, we ask that you mention any special needs or requests you may have prior to your program so that we can make the necessary accommodations and create the best possible experience.

The Center has the right to refuse any group and to cancel any reservations. Naturalists have the right to dismiss groups that are out of control or mistreating our animals, property, or instructors. We request that all cell phones and electronic devices be turned off during programming.

Teachers and/or chaperons must remain with the group at all times. We need and appreciate your help supervising your group. This will allow our naturalists to create the best possible learning experience and ensure the safety of your group and our animals.

Please notify the Center within one week if you need to cancel a program for any reason. We will do our best to work with you and reschedule your program.

Scheduling Details and Requirements

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  • Each program is $150 for 45 minutes of programming for up to 100 students and teachers, any additional children and/or adults will be $1 extra per person.
  • Any program outside of the Baltimore City limits will include an additional $25 travel fee making the total fee $175.
  • A $25 non-refundable deposit required.
  • All payments must be in the form of a Money Order or Business Check made payable to “Director of Finance”.
  • Program Information: Each program is 45 min.
  • Monday through Friday: Between 10:00am and 2:00pm
  • Any program after 2:00pm must have prior approval from the Center’s Director.
  • Weekend programs available upon Director’s approval.
  • Program availability is subject to available dates, times, and staff.
  • Multiple programs may be scheduled on the same day, however they must occur consecutively with no more then a 15-minute break between.
  • Programs are adapted for age appropriateness and are approximately 45 minutes long.

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