Virtual Visits

Take Your Group on a Virtual Adventure!

water wheel near Orianda house
GFLP Bridge
Orianda House at the Crimean estate in G
Ben Cardin Pavillion Field
Virtual - Space

Bring your family, organizational group, or social gathering on a virtual trip to Carrie Murray Nature Center and Gwynn Falls Park!

  • Schedule a live chat with a naturalist and meet a Carrie Murray animal ambassador (turtle, snake, owl). 

  • Watch a video tour of natural and cultural features of Gwynn Falls Park and Carrie Murray animal ambassador adaptations. Click the images at the bottom of this page for videos!

Great for:

Afterschool Programs

Homeschool or Independent Schools

Faith-Based Groups

Senior Centers​

Daycare Centers


Birthday Parties

Conferences and Retreats

Monday - Friday (except Tuesdays) at 2:30 PM or 3:30 PM

Saturdays at 10:30 AM

30-40 Minute Live Chat

$20 per group 

Registration is limited to one group

of 20 attendees to allow for Q&A

Check out the videos below to learn about the park and our animal ambassadors!


Explore human and wildlife food resources through a root cellar, foraging, and more!


Explore the wonderful world of water at the stream and waterwheel. We discuss our watershed, how water is used, and the home it provides. 




Join us to discover historical structures found throughout the park and explore the places that our wildlife call home!

Virtual - Space




We take a trip to a space used to honor indeginous peoples. We discuss the sense of peace it brings along with how the space is used by our local wildlife.



Meet our black rat snake and corn snake!


We currently have 4 box turtles and a wood turtle.

Birds of Prey



Birds of Prey

Learn about turkey vultures, red-tailed hawks, great horned owls, and screech owls!