Choose from a range of school field trips that promote science, natural history, environmental education, and STEAM-based approaches to curriculum. Meet animals from our native animal collection, too! Field trips are offered from 10AM-12PM or 1PM-3PM, Tuesday thru Friday. 

School field trips include:

  • Outdoor learning, hiking, and exploration in Gwynns Falls Leakin Park

  • Complimentary tickets for chaperones (10:1 ratio)

  • Free bus parking

  • All necessary supplies and gear, if requested

  • Park setting for outdoor picnic lunch

  • Fun times for everyone!

* Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are not currently offering in person field trips. Please inquire about our Virtual Learning Program here*

child hikes with adult.jpg

Native Neighbors
Grades: K-5th

Natural communities are made up of native plants and animals. Trek the trails in search of native neighbors and learn how they coexist in Piedmont habitats. Meet native animals from our live animal collection, too. Find field trip pricing here.


Chesapeake Explorers
Grades: K-5th

Discover the journey from the stream to the Chesapeake Bay. Students will search for stream invertebrates, check for bio indicators of stream quality, and quite possibly get wet! *Request gear if needed. Find field trip pricing here.


Hands On Nature
Grades: Pre-K-2nd

We will use naturalist senses to observe, smell, and touch plants and animals found in the forest. Stalk like a fox, slither like a snake, hide like a box turtle, or roll like a roly poly! Way better than images on a computer screen, we will use our bodies to directly experience nature! Find field trip pricing here.

Honey bee on flower.jpg

Bees and Pollinators

Grades: 3rd-5th

Humans rely on bees to pollinate our food! This program features a fascinating demonstration about the bee life cycle and why they are vital to human survival. We will also hike the trails to locate pollinators like bees, butterflies, moths, and beetles in the park. Find field trip pricing here.

Maple Sugaring

Grades: Pre-K to college
(Limited trips! Only offered in February)


What is maple sugaring? How do you find trees to tap? What causes sap to flow? Answer these questions during a winter trek in the forest in search of maple trees. We'll enjoy the warmth of a campfire as we discover how to evaporate sap to make syrup and taste some of its sweet reward. Bundle up for the weather, this trip takes place in February. Find field trip pricing here.