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Far more engaging and enriching than typical indoor preschool or childcare, Forest Preschool provides outdoor learning that is active, joyful and fun! Most of our learning takes place outside, but for inclement weather, we have a classroom space to get cozy indoors.

Taking inspiration from European waldkindergartens, waldkitas, and forest schools, outdoor learning encourages children to explore nature, make friends and engage in active play. Essential foundation skills are nurtured through sensorial experiences, laying the bedrock for future learning.

The language-rich natural environment abounds with opportunities for storytelling, artistic expression, math ideas, engineering and construction with loose parts, science concepts, and so much more! High and low technology are part of our excursions, although we are thoughtful and intentional about their uses (EX. digital cameras, videos, email, blog; wheels, pulleys, levers, magnifiers, binoculars).

Our emergent curriculum and project-based approaches encourage creative problem-solving and inquiry, common in child-directed Reggio Emilia-inspired programs. Children make magical outdoor discoveries in every season, rain or shine. We encourage family participation and offer community events throughout the year. We would love to grow and learn with your adventurer!


Enrollment is for the full duration of the program dates listed. All Forest Preschool programs are licensed by the Maryland State Department of Education.


To be eligible for the Half-Day Preschool and Full-Day Preschool Childcare, children must be 3-years-old by September 1, 2024. To be eligible for the Full-Day Toddler Program, children must be 2-years-old by September 1, 2024. 


For our 2024-2025 school year, Forest Preschool will be moving to a sliding scale tuition model. The values and mission behind sliding scales align with our philosophy of education and accessibility: 

"A sliding scale supports Forest Preschool’s mission of creating diversity and equity within our program. A sliding scale model is not one that maximizes profits, but instead reallocates money generated to contribute to the education of the whole community. The sliding-scale concept was predicated on the idea that a family’s financial commitment should be in equitable proportion to its economic resources. This tuition model means that, as a community, we recognize the central role that class plays in creating obstacles to equity and access. It means that the cost of educating our children is borne by all of us according to our abilities, and that those who either start as or end up as full paying families have no more 'natural' access to the benefits of education than anyone else. It means that our school consists of a range of families united by the commitment to educate any child, not just our own child."

With this in mind, families are able to choose their tuition based on the suggested tiers and ranges below. We ask that families keep in mind their access to wealth and/or privilege when choosing their income, as we prioritize holding spaces for low-income families, families of color, and families who live within Baltimore City.


Forest Preschool will be offering the Full-Day Childcare Preschool class this upcoming year. In order to put yourself on the waitlist for this program, please complete this survey.

We hope to offer Full-Day Childcare for Toddlers and Half-Day Preschool classes again by January 2025.


To place yourself on the waitlist for Full-Day Childcare for Toddlers, please complete this survey.


To place yourself on the waitlist for Half-Day Preschool, please complete this survey.

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