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During COVID-19 phases:

  • Outdoors only and limited to 15 guests total including birthday family.

  • Outdoor campfire circle and ADA port-o-pot onsite.

  • 2 hours total. Includes 60 minutes with naturalist (hike & animal encounter)

  • Cost is $200

  • Parents of guests can remain on campus (WiFi available).


Party at the park! Our nature birthday parties are perfect for unplugged celebrations.
Your guests can enjoy time in nature while learning about the many wonders of the natural world in fun and exciting ways. We have several birthday party themes to choose from below, and we can also cater to some of your child’s special interests. Make a reservation here, and let nature begin to work her magic!

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Calling all party animals!


We offer nature birthday parties on Saturdays. They are a fun way to celebrate your young nature lover’s special day in beautiful Gwynns Falls Leakin Park. Our parties are appropriate for children ages 3 and up and we have several themes to choose from. Times are 10 am-12 pm or 1-3 pm. Cost is $250. You may arrive 30 minutes early for set-up at no extra cost. 

Birthday parties are available for up to 25 children with a 40 participant max. Parties are held outdoors at our campfire circle with picnic tables. In inclement weather, animal ambassador meet-and-greets and the serving of food may be held indoors.

Birthday Party Themes​

***Children ages 3 and up

Rad Reptiles! 

  • Live reptile encounter with one of our animal ambassadors (snake, turtle, and lizard)

  • An outdoor scavenger hunt game where children learn where reptiles can be found in the wild by looking in common reptile hiding spaces for hidden objects.                   


Hoots and Chirps! 

  • Visit one of our live owls at their enclosure 

  • Bird-watching hike to learn the language and behavior of our forest friends.

  • Learning common bird calls and giving children the opportunity to be loud and express themselves by making their own calls to each other outside in the forest.


Fairy Friends!

  • Forest hike with natural treasure collection along the way.

  • Stop at a great place to build a fairy village with biodegradable materials, and natural treasures

  • Live animal encounter


Green Garden! (best in spring and summer)

  • Live animal presentation (turtle or snake)

  • Visit to our nearby gardens

  • Log rolls and/or sweep nets to find little invertebrate friends.

  • Seed planting in our garden


Bugs Bugs Bugs! (best in spring and summer)

  • Forest hike or visit to the Nature Center’s surrounding gardens

  • Log rolls, catch net insect search, microscopes, bug viewers, and magnifying glasses may be provided

  • Live animal encounter with an animal ambassador who eats bugs


Winter Wonderland!

  • Cozy campfire in our outdoor classroom surrounded by trees (can be moved to indoor fireplace depending upon the weather)

    • Opportunity to bring your own treats to roast over the fire

  • Live animal encounter

  • Short winter hike while looking out for good animal hibernation spaces

Check Out These Creative Party Treats & Snacks!

Brownie bear claw cookies

Campfire cake

Dinosaur cookies

Woodland cake

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