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We offer multiple field trip options & combinations - see below!


Our field trips follow an emergent teaching style and focus on:

  • Inspiring wonder through nature connection

  • Hands-on experience

  • Seasonal and geographic relevance

  • Increasing awareness


We tailor programs to support the learners’ needs. Let us know if there are any skills or topics you’d like us to reinforce on the trip. 


We will experience the forest with our senses and increase our awareness for the world around us. Join us for a trek on the trails and discover how both humans and animals use the space to meet their needs of food, water, and shelter. 


Activities may focus on stream quality, foraging, plant and animal identification and adaptations, survival skills, historical features, pollinators, human and wildlife habitat, life cycles, and arts.


​FIELD TRIPS Our hands-on field trips offer science, natural
history, nature education, and emergent approaches
to enrich your curriculum. Most trips include encounters with
native Animal Ambassadors, including turtles, snakes, and owls.

GROUP SIZE We limit groups to 15 or fewer students for an
immersive experience. We can usually accommodate 2-3 groups at a time. We recommend a ratio of 1 chaperone per 10 children. Chaperones attend for free.

LUNCH You are welcome to bring lunch to enjoy in the park
before or after your field trip. If you plan to bring lunch, let us
know on your field trip request so we can reserve a space for your group (at no additional charge).

ACCOMMODATIONS Contact us before your trip if someone in your group requires accommodations. We do our best to ensure everyone has an enriching experience at CMNC!

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